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East Denver: Kennedy Dog Park


This Kennedy Dog Park is adequately sized at just under 3 acres.


This dog park is located near I-225 and the Kennedy Golf course off Hampton. It is located next to the Kennedy Soccer fields and Kennedy Golf course. Its 3 acre ground is mainly dirt without any easy water access points so it may be best to bring your own water. Kennedy Dog Park was recently redone by the city of Denver and is now fully enclosed. It has two areas for your dog to play a full energy area and a low energy play area. This is an unique feature we have not seen at many dog parks which provides a lot of benefit.


To reach Kennedy dog park drive on Hampton towards the Kennedy golf course. Head south on S. Dayton St. and follow the signs for Kennedy Soccer fields. Parking can be a challenge on the weekends if games are scheduled. Here is a map with Kennedy Dog Park's location.

Additional Comments

This is a nicely redone park. Keep a towel in your car to clean your dogs feet since most of the dog park is dirt. Although not generally an issue coyotes are in the area so if you have a small dog make sure to keep him close by in the parking lot. Also lock your cars and hide valuables as car break in have been reported.

South view of Kennedy Dog Park
The sign for the low energy section of  Kennedy Dog Park
West view of Kenndy dog park